TAURUS 4.0 – High level gravimetric dosing systems for granulates, powders and liquids.

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Tenfold dosing unit with manual and/or automated refilling

Mixing unit for small componentsAutomatic gravimetric dosing in batch or continuous modeRefilling of the dosing devices either manually or automaticallyAutomation system Simatic S7 1500Recipe managementBatch documentation

Sixfold liquid dosage, continuously and/or batch

The dosing system is supposed to provide the subsequent production line continuously with the corresponding product/ mass in accordance with the recipe.Therefor different recipes will be provided by the control centre.The quantity per container is defined by the recipe. The assignment of the container is not necessarily correctly sorted. The number of containers can be customized/ expanded individually.  Electrical data:Voltage                400 VACFrequency          50 HzTotal power consumption           approx. 5,5 kWNominal input current max.       32 A

PLC based differential metering software

- absolute allegiant set value until the last cycle!- fully graphical curve representation!- no dosing calibration!- no correction factor!- no permanent underdose - no PID regulation!- integrated recipe management of up to 10 components by default!- standardized Ethernet interface for data exchange with MES Systems!- adapted for: SIMATIC S7 1500- Generation